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Free Crochet Pattern: The Castle Hill Cowl

As the temperature drops further, I’ve been naturally drawn to warmer and warmer accessories. For the last few months, I’ve built up an unintentional stockpile of Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn (see: Thick & Quick Crochet Pumpkin, for another pattern using it) and have been itching to use it all up. And so came this cozy, warm crochet cowl: the Castle Hill Cowl.

Expect more winter-oriented patterns and even some holiday designs in the coming weeks, but this crochet cowl is the first (and perhaps the simplest!). It’s made of a simple rectangle, just like the Thick & Quick Pumpkin, seamed together to make that tube shape. Because Wool-Ease Thick & Quick works up so fast, I’d expect you could put together this cowl in just 1-2 hours with less than a ball of yarn.

castle hill crochet cowl folded

I designed this crochet cowl to fit relatively snug around the neck. It isn’t too deep, making it perfect for tucking just under the collar of a jacket. As with any other easy, rectangle design, simply add or subtract rows to adjust the width and length to your liking.

This crochet cowl will also hold up well through the laundry (I put mine in a laundry-safe bag, just to ensure it wouldn’t snarl on anything else) and it’s held up brilliantly through several washings. This is, I feel, an ideal bonus for any crochet/knit project intended as a gift. The less special care a gifted garment needs, the longer it tends to last in another’s hands (naturally!).

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  • Lion Brand Yarn, Wool-Ease Thick & Quick – 1 ball, Grey Marble


castle hill crochet cowl overview


hdcHalf Double Crochet
tchTurning Chain

Finished Dimensions:

8″ tall, 26″ circumference


  • As mentioned above, this crochet cowl is constructed of a very simple rectangle. I’ve created a cowl that’s relatively snug, but simply add or subtract rows if you want it to be looser or tighter.


Ch 20

Row 1: Skip 2 ch (counts as 1hdc), 1hdc into third ch from hook and into each ch across, turn.

Row 2: Ch2 (counts as 1hdc), skip 1 st, 1hdc into back loop only of next st and into each st across, turn.

Rep Row 2 until piece measures ~25-26″


Fold rectangle in half (shorter ends should be touching) and seam the two short edges together with a slip stitch seam. Invert cowl so that the bulkier part of the seam is hidden inside. Fasten off, weave in ends.

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