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Free Crochet Pattern: How To Make a Crochet Scrunchie

Crochet scrunchies might be one of my new favorite things to make. These hip-again throwbacks are quick and fun to make–it only takes an hour to put together a whole set of them! A crochet scrunchie is a simple, functional gift for the holidays. You can make a whole bunch with a single ball of yarn, or mix and match between yarn leftovers to piece together a gorgeous color palette.

To make the pattern I’ve got here for you today, I went through several iterations trying to find my favorite crochet scrunchie. After all these experiments–half-double, double, seaming edges–I settled on a pattern that I think is the best compromise between easy and attractive.

I like a big scrunchie. The fuller and more springy it looks, the better. That’s why, for this crochet scrunchie pattern, I haven’t included an exact number of stitches. The idea is that you can take any size hair elastic and work as many stitches around it as you can. The more you squish on there, the more visually interesting the scrunchie.

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Additional Supplies:

  • Hair elastics (I used these Scunci ones)


scSingle Crochet
sl stSlip Stitch
trTreble Crochet


  • As stated above, the more stitches you work around the elastic, the more volume the scrunchie will have. Continuously push the stitches together as you work the base round around the elastic. This will ensure that you fit more as well as even out the distribution.
  • If it’s too difficult to work two treble crochet stitches into each single crochet, vary the pattern by working two trebles into a stitch, one treble into the next. Repeat this pattern instead.


Draw up a loop around the elastic, ch 1

Base Round: *sc around the elastic, repeating around, sl st to first sc.

Round 1: Ch 4, 1 tr in same st, *2 tr into next sc, rep from * to end, sl st to top of ch-4.

crochet scrunchie first round

crochet scrunchie finished


Fasten off, weave in ends.

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