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Free Macramé Pattern: DIY Macramé Ornament #3

Hey guys! I’m so excited to be sharing this DIY Macramé Ornament pattern with you today, the third in our 3-pattern series. This might be my favorite of all, and while it involves a few more steps than the others, it’s still so quick and simple to make.

Before you read on for the pattern, be sure to check out the other two in the series: DIY Macramé Ornament #1 and DIY Macramé Ornament #2. If you’re looking for other holiday décor items, then also be sure to read our post on the Rustic Crochet Garland which, if you’re a crocheter, is another super easy project.

We know December means crunch time for a lot of makers–gifts to make and orders to fill–so we’re aiming to keep many of our patterns this month quick & simple! Check back often for our next posts, and read on for this super fun macramé project!

diy macramé ornament 3 collection

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Pattern 3:

  1. With the 3mm cotton cord, begin cutting lengths of cord 8″ in length each.
Step 1: Cut cords 8″ in length.
  1. Fold the 8″ cords in half and attach each to the wood ring using a lark’s head knot. You’ll want to attach enough to cover the ring, leaving just enough space at the top for one more cord. Attaching more cords will ultimately create a denser, tighter design; less will create a more sparse fringe and a looser design.
Step 2: Fold each 8″ cord in half and attach to the ring using a lark’s head knot.
  1. Cut one more cord, this one 72″ in length. Don’t fold this one in half to attach it; instead, leave one cord only 5″ long coming from the lark’s head knot.
Step 3: Cut a 72″ cord. Fold it about 6″ in and attach to the wood ring with a lark’s head knot. One cord should then be about 5″ long.
  1. Turn the piece over so the bumps from the lark’s head knots are facing up. Then, take the longer cord from the last lark’s head knot and use this as the filler cord. Holding the filler cord along the ring, tie a series of clove hitches.
Step 4: Turn the piece over, then tie a series of clove hitches along the ring using the longer cord from the final lark’s head knot as the filler cord.
  1. Tie one last clove hitch with the final cord (this should be the slightly longer 5″ cord), then wrap the long filler cord around the ring and secure it by threading it through the created loop.
Step 5: Tie one more clove hitch with the final 5″ cord, then secure the piece by wrapping the long filler cord around the ring and threading it through the created loop.
  1. Finish by trimming the long cord so it’s about 6″ and tie a knot at the top to create a loop from which to hang the ornament. The fringe likely combed itself out while you worked, but comb it out more if needed, and trim if necessary.
diy macramé ornament 3 final

We hope you all had fun with these macramé ornaments, and we’d love to see your creations, so feel free to share any photos on social media!

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