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Knit Stitch How-To: Textured Eyelets

The Textured Eyelets stitch is a beautiful, lacy knit stitch that’s also amazingly simple to make. Although the finished pattern looks fairly similar to the Eyelet Rib that was previously featured, the Textured Eyelets stitch is formed using a Central Double Decrease (s2kp2).

textured eyelets swatch

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textured eyelets close up


yoYarn Over
s2kp2Central Double Decrease
RSRight Side


  • s2kp2:
    • slip 2 stitches at once knitwise, knit the next stitch, then pass the 2 slipped stitches over the knitted stitch. (decreases 3 stitches to 1)


Cast on a multiple of 4 sts, plus 1

Row 1: (RS) *k1, p3; rep from * across, ending with k1.

Row 2: Purl across.

Row 3: *k1, p3; rep from * across, ending with k1.

Row 4: Purl across.

Row 5: *k1, yo, s2kp2, yo; rep from * across, ending with k1.

Row 6: Purl across.

Repeat Rows 1-6 to form pattern.

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