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Free Crochet Pattern: Mini Rustic Pumpkin

Hey all! Fall is definitely in the air around here, and online as well. Everywhere I go and every link I click, adorable crochet & knit pumpkins are everywhere. I couldn’t resist making a few of my own, experimenting with different yarns and different stitches until I found a handful of crocheted combinations I love.

This Mini Rustic Pumpkin is the first pattern I made, kept simple with the Back Loop Slip Stitch. I love the final result: an easy crochet stitch that works up quick and turns out a product that looks like it’s been knitted.

For this pattern, I wanted a yarn that looks like autumn–warm, natural, neutral hues–and I was lucky enough to dig out a few skeins of Loops & Threads Barcelona yarn in Hazel from the clearance bins at Michael’s. The colors are perfect. Lovely warm browns and creams, and a distinctly classic, rustic look. I ended up with plenty of extra yarn, so expect at least a few more patterns using this yarn.

mini rustic crochet pumpkin pattern


Barcelona Yarn by Loops & Threads – I love the Hazel shade, but this yarn comes in all sorts of fun colors. One skein should churn out at least three mini pumpkins, which would look perfect lined along a mantle or windowsill.


US K/10.5 (6.50mm) or size needed to obtain gauge

Additional Supplies:

  • Yarn Needle
  • Poly-Fil Fiber Fill
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Twine


4″ x 3.5″


Because this design is made using a simple rectangle, I chose not to include a gauge. The size of the pumpkin can be easily adjusted by adding more or fewer chains at the start to make it respectively taller or shorter. Adjust how plump or skinny the pumpkin is by adding or subtracting rows.


Sl StSlip Stitch
Bl StBack Loop Slip Stitch
ScSingle Crochet


The Mini Rustic Pumpkin is an easy, quick project. It’s made of one rectangle worked from the side across, then seamed along the shorter sides to make a tube. The bottom is then woven closed, the pumpkin stuffed with your choice of filling, and the top closed last. Your choice of stick and a bit of twine can then be added as embellishment to complete the look.


Row 1: Ch 20, work 1 sl st into first ch and in each ch across, turn.

Row 2: (No chain required) Work 1 bl st into each sl st across, turn.

Row 3-42: Rep Row 2.


Step 1: Fold rectangle in half (short sides should be touching), and slip stitch last row to foundation chain [Slip Stitch Seam].

Step 2: Turn tube inside out so that the seam is along the inside, then work 1sc into each row along the bottom edge. Sl st into first sc, then 1sc into every other sc. Sl st into first sc.

Step 3: Fasten off, leaving a long tail.

Step 4: With yarn needle, weave tail through the front loops of each Sc, then pull yarn to cinch the bottom. Don’t cut the yarn–we still need this!

Step 5: Stuff pumpkin with your choice of filling. I used a few handfuls of Poly-Fil to give the pumpkin a nice, firm shape, but you can just as easily use crumpled newspaper (this stitch and yarn combo, even when stretched, creates a dense pattern that can easily hide whatever innards you choose).

Step 6: Push needle up through the bottom of the pumpkin, through the filling, then weave through every other row along the top edge.

Step 7: Cinch the top, leaving enough room to add a cinnamon stick, then weave around again to secure. Trim ends, then add a piece of twine to finish.

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