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Free Knit Pattern: The Fairfax Headband

Despite how many beautiful stitch patterns are out there, there’s still something so lovely and satisfying about a simple knit piece. The Fairfax Headband was my first attempt at Double Knitting, and I’m so pleased with the result. This double knit headband is incredibly easy to make. The final result is a plush, warm accessory perfect for the coming chilly months.

For this double knit headband, I used Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy yarn. This is one of my favorites–it’s durable yet soft, still smooth enough to show plenty of detail. My finished piece measures about 20″ around, and required about half a skein of yarn. This pattern is super simple to adjust though: if you want it smaller, then subtract rows; add rows to loosen it.

fairfax double knit headband finished

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Lion Brand Yarn, Color Made Easy – 1 ball, Mineral Yellow


US Size 10 (6.00mm)

Additional Supplies:

Yarn needle

Finished Dimensions:

4.5″ wide, 20″ circumference


wyifWith yarn in front


  • All stitches in this pattern are slipped purlwise.
  • If substituting a different yarn, it’s recommended to work at a tighter gauge. Use needles a size or two smaller for your chosen yarn.


Cast on 30

Row 1: (RS) *K1, slip the next st wyif; rep from * across.

Row 2: Same as Row 1.

Repeat Rows 1-2 to form pattern until your piece measures ~20″ in length.


Once your piece is long enough, cast off, leaving a long tail for seaming.

sandwiched ends

Fold your piece so that the two shorter ends are touching, then sandwich these ends together.

double knit seaming

With your yarn needle, sew through these four sandwiched edges.

finished seam

Once you’ve seamed through to the end, weave in the ends.

Invert the headband so that the seam is hidden inside.

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